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The following businesses have advertised in the current issue of Trapper's Post.  Those with a website have a clickable link with their business name.

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•Renno's Animal Lures
Rid A Critter
Rocky Mtn. Fur
RTS Supply & Service

Thompson Snares
Tomahawk Live Traps
Top Lot Stretchers
Trapper College
•Trapper's Convention
•Traps for Sale

•S.P. Rankin Basswood Stretchers
Schmitt Enterprise 
•Shumaker, Don
Skunk Hollow Design
Sleepy Creek Mfg.
Snare One
•Snow & Nealley
Southern Snares & Supplies
Sterling Fur Co.
Sudden Valley Supply

No-BS Lures
•Noonan Media
Northern Sport Co.

•Grand Sports Show
Grawe Animal Lures
Great Northern Fur

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•Quarles Turtle Traps
•Mark Zagger
•22nd Century New Technologies
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