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The following businesses have advertised in the current issue of Trapper's Post.  Those with a website have a clickable link with their business name.

Exclusively Trapping 

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Dakotaline Snares
Davis, Sharon
•Dean, Scott
Dobbins Products
Duke Trap Company
Dunn Knives
•Dunnier, Jeff
DWL Brand Mfg.

•Madaras, Keith
Maine Trappers Assn.
•McMurray, Mike
Melby Fur
•Milkhouse Fur Trade
Miller Fur
MN Forest Zone Trappers
Moscow Hide & Fur
Murray's Lures & Trapping Supplies

•Renno's Animal Lures
Rid A Critter
Rocky Mtn. Fur
RTS Supply & Service

Trapper's Post
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•Quarles Turtle Traps
Epler Fur
•Ethridge, John
•Mark Zagger
•22nd Century New Technologies
Trappers Post July 2017
Kaatz Bros.
•Kasten, Bill
Keg Creek Bait & Lure