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The First Four Years of Trapper's Post on CD

~ Scalloper

Exclusively Trapping 

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March/April 2020

• Bear Success!
• Can't Find Muskrat Dens?
• Doubling Down
• Larry
• The Conata Basin Incident Part 1
• Transition to Modern Trapping
• Fox Calling
• Evolution of an Outdoorsman
• Joe Jack Interview
• Just A'Swingin'
• Catch Bandit, Not Felix
• And Lots More!

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This CD is an invaluable reference tool, an encyclopedia of educational and entertaining trapping articles from North America’s No. 1 trapping publication. These 25 issues contain 253 feature articles and 296 department articles, for a total of 549 articles, written by well known professionals like John Graham, Mike Wilhite, and others, but also by little known experts who have shared their knowledge in print for the first time.

All issues from the first four years, from the inaugural September/October 2009 issue to the July/August 2013 issue, including our April 2013 Youth Edition.
PDF files, showing each page exactly as it appeared in the magazine, in full color.
Easy to navigate: click on the folder for the year, the issue you want, and the article in the table of contents.
Please Note: you will need a pdf reader such as Adobe Acrobat to access the files. This CD will not play on televisions or personal DVD players.

I would recommend Trapper's Post to all trappers.  It's a lot of info for the money . . .

The Pulse of North America's Trapping Industry
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