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I would recomend Trapper's Post to all trappers.  It's a lot of info for the money . . .


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Chris Reifsteck

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Bob Moulton

John R. Osborne

Bob Evans

Paul Winkelmann

Don LaFountain

On Sunday I saw an ad on Trapperman for Trapper's Post. I called and ordered all 6 issues from last year as well as a 2-year subscription. Well today I received all 6 of the first issues. I only briefly went through two but I was very happy with the number of articles that are crammed into the pages. I am pumped! I am heading to my cabin at the lake tonight for some fine reading. I would recommend the Trapper's Post to all trappers, it's a lot of info for the money.
Hello Bob,
I received my first issue of yesterday, May/June, 2010. All I can say is GREAT MAGAZINE!! Finally a magazine full of trapping only - thanks. I was wondering if you have back issues available and how much are they, as I may have missed some valuable information.
Awesome Mag - great job!!! I'm trying to figure the cheapest way to get the issues I missed. THANKS FOR A GREAT TRAPPING MAG! I do ADC and fur trapping, as Ernie's Wildlife Pest Control, PA. I'm Smitty on trapping websites.
Bob & Debbie,
I read all 4 of your first issues and I was really impressed. Years ago I published a math text so I understand some of the publishing issues. Anyone would be hard to find a better job anywhere. The combination of text spacing, photos, size, etc., is so attractive that people not interested in trapping can't turn the pages without stopping to read an article. It's a real winner.
Congratulations on a great mag. Love it, wish I could get it every month.
Got my Jan/Feb 2010 issue, great read! Hard to put down, I really need to pace my reading. Dobbin's articles are a nice touch. Keep up the good work.
Bob and Deb,
The very first thing everyone notices about Trapper's Post is what I call "readability". Many of the subscribers and writers, if they were mink, would be the prized "old bucks". Of all the printed material I receive, Trapper's Post is the easiest to read, and that goes for the advertisements as well. This is something you really appreciate when you've attained senior citizen status.
I also love the fact that you've been able to reprint Charles Dobbin's writings. His work is timeless and will probably teach different generations for as long as it's printed. Thank you, Paul Dobbins, for allowing more of us to appreciate your father's words!
Last but not least, the very important subject of the anti-trapping movement. We all need to be able to show people that we care more about wildlife populations than any member of PETA or HSUS.
All in all you've got quite an informative magazine that we all can enjoy.
Hi Bob,
I picked up a copy of Trapper's Post at the Connecticut Nuisance Wildlife Seminar yesterday. I just wanted to say I enjoyed it very much. I have been so removed from all the trapping information for so long it was nice to read this copy. It gave me that feeling I had when I was young and first learning to trap on my own.
Your "From the Editor" on fur trappers doing nuisance wildlife work was excellent, and put into words what has been in my mind for years. Your piece on pricing nuisance jobs is perfect.
I just wanted to say it was great reading for a guy who doesn't read much. I will be sending in my subscription today.

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