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Bottom Edge Mink

Bottom Edge Mink Trapping & Coyote Trapping 101 DVDs

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Have you been convinced that coyote trapping is very complicated,
requiring lots of equipment, lures, and baits, and mastery of a
bazillion techniques and details? Are you confused by the
endless, sometimes contradictory advice given by countless
alleged coyote “experts”? Have you bought into the coyote’s
mystique of supposedly being “intelligent” and very difficult to
“outsmart”? Too many trappers get overwhelmed by the
supposed complexity and difficulty of coyote trapping. Some
give up after their first efforts fail. Others are actually too
intimidated to even try.

The truth is, many coyotes are easily caught with simple, basic methods, and little equipment. Professional trappers with thousands of coyotes to their credit use uncomplicated methods and minimal equipment. COYOTE TRAPPING 101 explains and shows those simple basics in the close, clear detail all Bob Noonan’s videos are known for. COYOTE TRAPPING 101 covers: Traps (19 still photos of different makes, models, and sizes, with detailed descriptions and comparison.) – Equipment (These five simple tools can do it all.) - Lure and Bait (An uncomplicated but deadly combination.) - Dirt Hole Construction (Clear, close footage and detailed step-by-step explanation of exactly how to make this standard, lethal coyote set. Hole and bed digging, staking, trap positioning, bedding, foot guides; it’s all here. All of it.) - Location (Footage of a number of coyote catches and locations from Bob Noonan’s trapline, along with 10 full-screen, detailed pen-and-ink diagrams of these productive locations, and in depth explanations of how and why they worked.)

COYOTE TRAPPING 101 is the only video that explains all aspects of the basics of coyote trapping. Professional coyote control agents and fur trappers depend on these simple essentials to make big catches. Once you understand them, you will catch coyotes. 1 hour, 55 minutes.
Coyote Trapping 101 DVD - The Simple, Effective Basics with Bob Noonan
$39.95 - USA Postpaid
Coyote Trapping 101
Coyote Trapping 101
The underwater bottom edge set revolutionized mink trapping because it allows traps to keep functioning despite fluctuating water, ice, and snow. It is deadly on both mink and muskrats. The set needs only a #110 Conibear and a length of wire, and can be made in seconds, allowing lines of hundreds of traps that operate for the full season. Location is the heart of this set, and this DVD shows and explains in detail how to find productive locations. 2 hours.
Bottom Edge Mink Trapping DVD by Bob Noonan
Bottom Edge Mink

39.95 - USA Postpaid

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Don Shumaker has been a trapper for 62 years. Much of this time has been spent as a professional predator control man. He will share with you his methods for taking those wily stock killers that no one else can catch.
This 24-page booklet is packed with advanced coyote killing know-how. No rehash of dirthole and flat sets. Five different sets are covered that will make anyone a better coyote trapper. His discussion on bait alone is more than worth the price of this booklet.
For the first time in print you will learn about THE REVOLUTIONARY MUZZLE SNARE SET!! 24 pages.

The Advanced Coyotero - MORE COYOTE MASTERY

Journals of a Coyotero

Journals of a Coyotero

The coyote is a mystery to many. Found in nearly every corner of North America - wilderness, farmland, desert, swamp, seashore, suburb, city -  they are nevertheless one of our most misunderstood animals.
The author, Don Shumaker, has spent most of his life studying, pursuing, and controlling wildlife, the coyote in particular. He has seen and learned much, both on his own and from some of the most knowledgeable wildlife experts in America. This book takes you into the real world of the coyote. It contains information you will find nowhere else. 250 pages, large 6x9 size, numerous color photos.
$25.00 - USA Postpaid
$25.00 - USA Postpaid

Woodsbum - A true story of a life spent in the woods

Since the dawn of history some men and women have been driven to spend their lives in the woods, the open spaces, or on the water, far from the hassles and shackles of society. Caring little for wealth or social position, they covet instead freedom, quiet, solitude, and a close association with all things wild.
Don Shumaker is such a man, and Woodsbum tells the story of how he wrested a quiet but adventurous living from God’s great outdoors in a hectic modern world. 240 pages, large 6x9 size, numerous color photos.
Follow the Dream
$18 USA Postpaid
Follow the Dream - A Novel by Don Shumaker
Young hunter and trapper Sam Carns left the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in 1860, headed West to get away from people and become a mountain man. With his nerve, grit, determination, two mules named Red and Katie, and a hound called Rattler, he faced many perils in a beautiful but often harsh land.
Follow the Dream tells how Sam adapted quickly, befriending two famous older mountain men, a tribe of Kiowa Indians, and local ranchers by hunting and trapping wolves, bears, and mountain lions. He encountered danger daily – and he lived history. This is his story. 186 pages.
Fisher Trappers Guide

$15.00 - USA Postpaid

Fisher Trapper's Guide by Bob Noonan
An in-depth coverage of all aspects of fisher trapping, based on the author's experience trapping hundreds of fisher, his interviews of experts with thousands of catches between them, and modern scientific studies. Topics include: fisher biology and behavior, territory size, travel patterns, habitat preference, diet, footholds and bodygrip sets, bait and lure, fur handling, and an extensive 11-page location chapter. Numerous drawings and photos. 95 pages.
Bottom Edge Otter
$10.00 - USA Postpaid
Bottom Edge Otter & Beaver by Ken Smythe, as told to Bob Noonan
he bottom edge set, made with a #220, #280, or #330 in the right location, is deadly on beaver and otter. This book, by the developer of the bottom edge set, explains in detail what size traps to use where, how to make the set, the effects of weather, and how to find specific beaver and otter locations. Location is the heart of this set, and this book describes it in detail, with numerous photos and illustrations. 63 pages.
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